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If there's a question you have or something you want to know concerning Atomic products, AtomPark Software activities and the filed the company acting in, then let us know by sending your question to AtomPark Software support team.

Or read the answers for some typical questions below:

You can choose from the following payment options:

  • Visa/MasterCard/Eurocard
  • Bank/Wire transfer
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • JCВ
  • Discover/Novus
  • Diners Club
  • Fax

They are available at cheсkout page.

Your order was processed by Avangate and they provide invoices as PDF documents. If you were ordering on behalf of a company, the invoice was sent automatically to the billing email address provided during ordering.
To download your invoice please login to You can find your invoice in the Order History section.

Your registrations keys are emailed after your payment is processed withing 10 minutes. You can also find them at

These are the most common reasons when keys are not there.

1. When our email with registration keys went into spam folder. If it is not in the spam folder either try recovering it at
2. Your order is under evaluation. Additional response is required from you by Avangate. Avangate is our authorized payment processor. We need this just to keep money on your credit card secured.

Shopper support on order and payment related issues:
International: +31 88 000 0008 (24 hour support)
USA and Canada: (650) 963 - 5701

All the current special offers and discounts options are available at

You may do a wire transfer. It is available at the checkout page at once you select products and press Go to checkout button. Our bank details will be listed there.

Please make sure that the software has been added to exceptions in your antivirus software (firewall). Please also check whether you are trying to activate the program you have purchased the key for. It's important to check that you have the version which was current on the day purchase, if you are reinstalling the program in more than a year after the purchase date. You need to have the corresponding installation file (if you can't find it, please contact us).

Please contact us at and provide us with your order ID and (or) registration email.

You have exceeded the activations limit for the number of licenced copies of software. Please find out the total number of PCs you used to reinstall the licenced version of software and contact us on

Please note that the registration key may be used on 1 PC only.

If you see that your key is marked with Expired then you may either upgrade it with 40% off in the Member Area or continue using version you initially purchased.

If you get a message “Your key is too old for this version” it means that you should either downgrade to the version you initially purchased or get the newest version with 40% off in Member Area

You may use it on one machine, to install on multiple machines you will need to purchase extra keys. Volume discounts are available at order page. There will be no problem with moving software to another PC if you deinstall on a previous machine.

Please refer to the article where we recommend some common ways of selecting the right SMTP server

Most generic errors are listed at

If you still need help with sending errors then click on Test button in Atomic Sender. Once you see text in SMTP connection window, copy and send it at please.

The number of emails you can send with our program  depends upon SMTP server you set up in it.

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol  It is a TCP/IP protocol used to send e-mails. Mail servers often use SMTP to send e-mails and POP or IMAP to let clients download the e-mails. Mail server is often called SMTP  server or outgoing mail server. Our program comes with built in smtp but it cannot guarantee high delivery rate. Please refer to for more information.

So, for example if your smtp (mail) server quota is 10 thousand emails per day or per hour then Atomic Sender is not able to send more than this. But you can restrict Sender to send some certain amount in its settings in order to stay within limits. Time frame also depends upon mail server as well as message size and internet connection speed. You can add more different smtp servers to increase your sending limits.

You will need to find some reliable proxy server or better several proxies which you can buy from a proxy provider. Then enter proxy settings into Settings - Proxy tab. It is important that they can be used for emails, not just for browsing sites.

Set it to Directly under Settings - Common Settings - SMTP tab. That would be it.

Open up Atomic Sender. Then in Settings - Common Settings Mailer tab press Detect button to the right from HELO setting.  It will open a web page with further instructions.

It means that each smtp that you use with Atomic Sender will be involved into sending emails. Program will pick up the first SMTP and send number of emails you specify in msg per server box. Then once it is done with the first SMTP it will pick up the next one going circles.

It uses the following algorithm.

 1. All smtp stop.
 2. Next smtp is being selected from smtp list.
 3. SMTP sends number of emails specified in rotation setting with limits set in smtp properties window..
  4. As soon as it sends number of emails it supposed to send it will proceed with steps 1-4.

You can do a quick test to check its status. Try to “telnet” port 25 on the smtp server.

  • on windows - select “start -> run” type in cmd and select run. ( dos type window appears )
  • type in “telnet 25″(without quotation marks) and press enter
  • you should receive a prompt like “220 ” ( the 220 is important )
  • If you won't receive 220 then most likely port 25 is blocked either on your end or by your ISP.

To test text messages delivery with Atomic SMS Sender and start sending message in bulk you have to register at Registration process will take you just a few moments. We ensure that entered information is seen only by our staff on the basis of their need to know without passing it to any third party.

The more you send, the more you save on each text message. We use discount scheme in accordance with monthly volume of SMS traffic.

Contact us for more details.

“Test Mode” of Atomic SMS Sender does not allow changing your text message content to prevent sending spam messages while allowing to change Sender ID. As soon as payment is done, this restriction will be removed.

Using Atomic SMS Sender you will be charged for every sent text message as we will be still trying to deliver your messages.

Keep the list of your subscribers up-to-date to have the delivery range close to 100%.

Atomic SMS Sender allows using dynamic alphanumeric sender names (sender ID). This means that you can set any company name or number you want in the sender field rather than just a phone number without prior registration.

This alphanumeric originator, or sender ID, can contain characters from a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _ (underscore). Some characters for example such as  {| , ; % ' # % *! ^ = [ ] ( ) / ~ < >}" or other Unicode symbols may cause messages to fail, avoid using them.

Originator can be up to a maximum of 11 characters for alpha names and  to a maximum of 12 characters for numeric names.

The dynamic  Sender ID feature only applies to network operators who support this feature. Please follow warningnotifications sent by e-mail or posted in the Atomic SMS Sender user panel.

We do refund for underlivered messages by adding the cost of these messages to the Atomic SMS Sender account upon the user request.

To get a refund please contact us providing the following information:

  • The description of your issue
  • Date and time of your delivery
  • Used Sender ID
  • E-mail under which your Atomic SMS Sender account is registered 

However we can’t provide you a refund

- if you did not  follow the rules of creating text message, sender ID, recipients phone numbers format;

- if you ignored our warning notifications sent by e-mail or posted in the Atomic SMS Sender user panel;

- due to circumstances beyond our control: recipient phone is switched off or out-of-coverage area, phone number does not exist etc.

We also do not satisfy any refund requests from users trying to broadcast SMS-SPAM by using our service. Please find out more about our ANTI-SPAM policy here.

Possible reasons:

  • Your message is queued at the pre-moderation to avoid sending SMS-spam or scam as your text message or sender ID contains some stopwords or shortcodes. Pre-moderation will take up to 5 minutes in working days and up to 1 hour in holidays or weekends. In some cases SMS can still be stopped as considered to be SPAM. Please note that we do not allow using shortcodes, cellular carriers names, bank names etc. in your text message body or Sender ID unless agreed beforehand.
  • You have not completed some steps while preparing your SMS campaign for sending.
  • You have not enough SMS-credits to have your text message to be sent.

Usually, Atomic SMS Sender starts sending out within 1 minute. But in some cases text message can not be delivered for some reasons:

  • Recipients phone number format error. Phone number does not exist or was given not in the international format.
    ! Phone number must belong to one of the mobile carriers, be in international format (consists of a plus sign, then a country code followed by the area code without the first '0′ of the number and then the mobile phone number). Any other symbols, characters or spaces are not allowed.
  • Sender ID error. 
    ! Sender ID must be up to a maximum of 11 characters and  to a maximum 12 digits and contain characters from a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _ (underscore). Other characters or Unicode symbols may cause messages to fail, do not use them (more information find in Text Message and Sender ID Options -> Sender ID Format) .
  • Sender ID blacklistedby your message recipient or some antispam software for mobile phones is used.
  • Recipients cellular phone number is roaming.
    ! Please wait, delivery time can be as quick as to several hours. In some cases text messages can not be delivered to roaming mobile phone number as of Inter-Operator Roaming  issues.
  •  Mobile phone is switched off or out-of-coverage area.
    ! Please wait. It will take up to 48 hours your message to be delivered.
  • Too long text message.
    ! Please avoid sending multi-part text messages greaterthan 6 parts long as some telephone models refuse such SMS.
  •  Recipient refused to receive  text messages.
  • Call Forwarding.Your recipient has selected text messages to be forwarded to unavailable/not existing phone number. 

Sending can also get stuck due to 

  • High server, system or carriers load  
    !  On the eve of holidays we recommend that you schedule your SMS dispatch beforehand.

Atomic SMS Sender has a TPS (transactions per second) of 200 SMS.

Please make sure that you use simple keywords separated by a space. It will match for most of modern search engines. You may see the list of them in the settings.

"Sochi 2014 olympic games"
"Honda Civic dealer Tokyo"
"Real estate Costa Brava"
"C++ programming"

When you use only Google:

When you use only Yahoo:

Please see more information in the program's Help, press F1 to open it.

Please add the region (e.g. "Canada") to your initial key words (e.g. "personal assisstants") to make it "personal assisstants Canada" in Atomic Email Hunter.

Please see more information in the program's Help, press F1 to open it.

If you search by url in Atomic Email Hunter, please visit the site in browser before search to make sure that no authorization details are required to access the pages that contain e-mail addresses.

If you search by keywords, please make sure that they are separated by a space. It will match for most of modern search engines. You may see the list of them in the settings.

"Sochi 2014 olympic games"
"Honda Civic dealer Tokyo"
"Real estate Costa Brava"
"C++ programming"

When you use only Google:

When you use only Yahoo:

Please see more information in the program's Help, press F1 to open it.

Before searching for e-mail addresses please enter the site in browser and make sure that you are able to see pages containing e-mail addresses in text format.

After this please click on Search/Advanced search, paste the site url to 'Extract e-mail addresses from this site' field, click on 'Next>', enter login and password to 'Authentication details field', click on 'Next>', select 'Current site only' in 'Hunting limitations', click on 'Next' and 'Finish'.

Please see more information in the program's Help, press F1 to open it.

Atomic Mail Sender for sending email newsletters
Atomic List Manager for editing mailing lists
Atomic Subscription Manager for handling subscriptions automatically
Atomic Mail Verifier for verifying e-mail addresses
Atomic Email Hunter for collecting contacts from the Internet
Atomic Email Logger for gathering contacts from local files
Atomic Newsgroup Explorer for extracting contacts from newsgroups
Atomic WHOIS Explorer for collecting contacts from global WHOIS database
Atomic Web Spider for collecting contacts from visited websites

You can send newsletters only after the list of emails is added into the project in Email Studio.

To accomplish this task please use Step 1 of the project tree - Import email addresses. You can select one of the options from drop down menu.

*Open file(add emails from the list saved into file)
*Get addresses from Internet(runs Email Hunter module to collect emails on the web)
*Import from local files or outlook(runs Email Logger module to collect emails from local files and outlook)
*Search newsgroups(runs Newsgroup Extractor module to collect emails from newsgroups)
*Mine Whois database(runs Whois Explorer module to collect emails from Whois database)
*Web Spider from Internet browsers(runs Web Spider module to collect emails from visited web sites).

To fix it please change DNS settings in Settings - Common settings

For DNS tab:

  • Use specified DNS values - primary secondary;
  • set threads count to 3, retries count to 1;

For SMTP tab:

  • Detect HELO value(click detect link);
  • Enter any valid email into Custom Mail From field.

Most likely the program can not establish connection to server on port 25.

Port 25 can be blocked by your firewall/antivirus or your ISP(Internet Service Provide).

In this case the Verify email addresses option will not function. Though you can still use Verify Syntax and Verify Domains Options.

You can verify if port 25 is open with help of Telnet service (should be installed on your PC).

In case Telnet service is not installed you need to isntall it.

Now when telnet is installed - Run telnet (Start - Run - cmd hit enter to apply). After that Black CMD window will show up.

Type "telnet 25"(without quotation marks) in that window and Hit Enter.

If port 25 is open you will see the following results:

  • Empty black window
  • Wellcome message( code 220).

AtomPark software will be happy to partner with you. We offer several cooperation options for your convenience.

Affiliate program run by Avangate Affiliate Network

We have partnered with Avangate to process our sales and they run their own affiliate network. How it works? Affiliate Program

We have a self-hosted affiliate program at

After you register here you will receive a welcome email with your affiliate link. You can give that link to people who might be interested in our software. You can do it in a variety of way – via social networks, instant messengers, and, of course, your website or blog. When a visitor goes to our website via your link the affiliate system will remember them and create a commission for you when they make a purchase.


Reseller Program

This is a perfect solution for those who prefer to work with their clients directly. You can buy products from us with a discount and resell to your clients, for example, bundled with your own products or services.

White Label SMS Service

You can create your own SMS service, with your own branding and pricing. We provide a website that you can install on your own server. You can customize the design of the pages, add your own content, manage clients, set prices for each client and destination country and more. The SMS service has API so developers of websites and applications can use your service too.  

We will be happy to work with individuals and companies of any size who are interested in promoting our products. 

If you are a starting affiliate you need to have your own website or blog. If you do not have a website, create it using or any other platform.  
In order to create an SMS service you will need some HTML/PHP knowledge at the initial stage (SMS service setup and website customization). As an alternative you can hire someone for this task. 

We are happy to work with everyone – from affiliates making their first steps in Internet marketing to large companies.

If you are registered with Avangate Affiliate Network the payouts are done by Avangate once a month.

Affiliates that use our self-hosted affiliate program need to fill their payment details in their affiliate panel. Go to "My Profile" section and choose the payout method. We pay using Paypal, Moneybookers, Bank Wire and Check. The commissions are paid on the 15th of every month.      

Send a question to customer support

You can contact us 24/7 via phone, live chat or email.

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