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Account Settings

Do not forget to set your time zone in the Account Settings in order to have your delivery reports and sms campaigns scheduled correctly.

  1. You do not have Atomic SMS Sender account. Create it here
  2. You entered a wrong password. Use a password reminder.
  3. You tried to broadcast SPAM text messages repeatedly, as sending SPAM with help of Atomic SMS Sender is strictly forbidden, your account has been blocked.  More about our anti-spam policy . Contact us for further details.

To configure an automatic reminder email to be sent once your Atomic SMS Sender balance drops below a set amount, you should go to the Settings section - SMS Sender tab at http://my.atompark.com/settings/ and activate low balance warning  by checking the "Low Balance Warning" box, then specify the amount of threshold balance in the " Balance amount" field and select a period of time (in hours) to send re-notices in the " Re-warning" field.

To convert Atomic SMS Sender balance to another currency please click on Settings and in the General tab select the necessary currency sign. Currency.

Payment, Pricing, Discounts

The more you will send, the more you will save on each text message. We use the following discount scheme in accordance with monthly volume of SMS traffic:

SMS volume per month Discount rate
1 - 50 000 -
50 001 - 100 000 10%
100 001+ 20%

Discount does not apply to users with special prices.

Contact us for more details.

Paid funds will get added to your account balance instantly or within 1 - 2 hours maximum once we have received your payment.  Otherwise please contact us notifying of your payment details.  

The most possible reason is that you sent a text message of more than 160 GSM or 70 Unicode characters and it was split in multiple parts each of them charged as a separate SMS.

! Please note that even if you used only one Unicode character in the body of your message, the entire text messages will be considered as Unicode.

Check the price of one plain text message and the list countries we cover in the Pricing section.

Using Atomic SMS Sender you will be charged for every sent text message as we will be still trying to deliver your messages.

! Keep the list of your subscribers up-to-date to have the delivery range close to 100%.

We do refund for underlivered messages by adding the cost of these messages to the Atomic SMS Sender account upon the user request.

To get a refund please contact us providing the following information:

  • The description of your issue
  • Date and time of your delivery
  • Used Sender ID
  • E-mail under which your Atomic SMS Sender account is registered 

However we can’t provide you a refund

- if you did not  follow the rules of creating text message, sender ID, recipients phone numbers format;

- if you ignored our warning notifications sent by e-mail or posted in the Atomic SMS Sender user panel;

- due to circumstances beyond our control: recipient phone is switched off or out-of-coverage area, phone number does not exist etc.

We also do not satisfy any refund requests from users trying to broadcast SMS-SPAM by using our service. Please find out more about our ANTI-SPAM policy here.

Sending & Delivery

To send plain, multipart text message or mass SMS please please go to Menu – > Send SMS section, then upload the recipients list from the Address Books or insert it one by one manually.

You can personalize your  messages using any variables or use template SMS.

Possible reasons:

  • your message is queued at the pre-moderation to avoid sending SMS-spam or scam as your recipients list contains more than 500 telephone numbers, text message content or sender ID contains stopwords or shortcodes. All such SMS require pre-moderation .
    ! Please wait, pre-moderation will take up to 5 minutes in working days and up to 1 hour in holidays or weekends.
  • SMS was stopped as considered to be SPAM or scam.
    ! Please note that we do not allow using shortcodes, cellular carriers names, bank names etc. in your text message body or Sender ID unless agreed beforehand.
  • You have not completed some steps of your SMS campaign.
    ! Please edit your SMS campaign and check that it includes your recipients’ telephone numbers.
  • You have not enough SMS-credits to have your text message to be sent.
    ! Buy SMS-credits in the Billing section.

Usually, Atomic SMS Sender starts sending out within 1 minute. But in some cases text message can not be delivered for some reasons:

  • Recipients phone number format error. Phone number does not exist or was given not in the international format.
    ! Phone number must belong to one of the mobile carriers, be in international format (consists of a plus sign, then a country code followed by the area code without the first '0′ of the number and then the mobile phone number). Any other symbols, characters or spaces are not allowed.
  • Sender ID error.
    ! Sender ID must be up to a maximum of 11 characters and  to a maximum 12 digits and contain characters from a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _ (underscore). Other characters or Unicode symbols may cause messages to fail, do not use them (more information find in Text Message and Sender ID Options -> Sender ID Format) .
  • Sender ID blacklistedby your message recipient or some antispam software for mobile phones is used.
  • Recipients cellular phone number is roaming.
    ! Please wait, delivery time can be as quick as to several hours. In some cases text messages can not be delivered to roaming mobile phone number as of Inter-Operator Roaming  issues.
  •  Mobile phone is switched off or out-of-coverage area.
    ! Please wait. It will take up to 48 hours your message to be delivered.
  • Too long text message.
    ! Please avoid sending multi-part text messages greaterthan 6 parts long as some telephone models refuse such SMS.
  •  Recipient refused to receive  text messages.
  • Call Forwarding.Your recipient has selected text messages to be forwarded to unavailable/not existing phone number. 

Sending can also get stuck due to 

  • High server, system or carriers load  
    !  On the eve of holidays we recommend that you schedule your SMS dispatch beforehand.

Atomic SMS Sender has a TPS (transactions per second) of 20 SMS.

We do support sending text messages to GSM phones, expect for the US where we do also support sending to CDMA.

Due to the way our routing is configured anything on a CDMA prefix in the US is routed via our delivery partner that uses a static UK sender ID and does not provide delivery reports. This is necessary in order to reach the CDMA networks, due to the differing technology they use (messages sent to GSM networks, will use normal dynamic routes with delivery reports).

Note that AT&T blocks all alphanumeric and US sender IDs, so you'll need to use a foreign international numeric sender ID to deliver reliably. Alternatively we can put all your traffic via the CDMA routing (no delivery reports).

The route we use is very high quality, just because there are no delivery reports it doesn't affect delivery to valid, active numbers in USA.

Atomic SMS Sender Features

To send plain, multipart text message or mass SMS please please go to Menu – > Send SMS section, then upload the recipients list from the Address Books or insert it one by one manually.

You can personalize your  messages using any variables or use template SMS.

Advanced options let you:

·         specify an SMS lifetime – maximum time period within which SMS will be delivering  to unavailable subscribers,

·         schedule your message to go out on a future date and time,

·         send out mass SMS campain by parts,

·         add "the control number" for checking the validity of delivery reports

You should have your recipients' names (or other variables) in the separate column in the Address Book. Thus the automatic sms messages personalization will be possible.

The variables need to be set with the help of %n% tag, where n - the name of the column where the variable's value is stored.

For example, you wish personalizing your message with name and your recipients's names are stored in the column Name of your Address Book, then the variable should be set in %Name% format:

Your SMS content: Hello %Name%
The delivered SMS:  Hello John

Note! When using variables, an SMS length (and the number of parts in a multipart SMS) can increase upward from the calculated one depending on the number of variable's characters.

Address Book feature let you store your recipients contact information like phone number (in international format, name and some other variables).

You can add phones numbers

  • one-by-one manually,
  • copy and paste multiple phone numbers,
  • import contacts from text, CSV or Excel files.

Common adding rules

Your phone numbers must be given in the international format: country code, city code and the phone number.

Phone's characters can be separated by the brackets, hyphens or spaces. All the extra characters will be discarded automatically on sending.

Duplicates phone numbers

Duplicate will be automatically purged when uploading file to Address Book so that your Address Book will not contain multiple duplicate entries.

If you add contacts (one-by-one or copy and paste) that are duplicates of contacts that already exist in your Address Book, they will not be added.

Excel files importing

Recipient's name and phone number have to be placed in the separate table cells.

The recipient's name that consists of several words should be placed in one table cell without any separators.

CSV and text files importing

CSV or .txt file must be saved in UTF-8 encoding! Change the encoding by opening the file for example in the Notepad and selecting the "save as" option, and the encoding – UTF-8.

The phone number, name and any other data should be placed in the separate cells and have no extra characters, spaces or linefeeds. For example:

+phone_number; Name (or Full Name);

+phone_number; Name (or Full Name);

Email2SMS let you send SMS messages right from your email. To activate that feature  please go to Settings section – SMS Sender and set the "E-mail interface enabled" as "Yes".

You will be given a personal private key. Save this key and do not disclose it to anyone.

Then you should create the message as following:

E-mail subject:                 

your_private_key phone_number1,phone_number2,phone_number3 

At the beginning your personal private key followed by a space and then your recipients’ phone numbers (in international format without the "+" sign), separated by commas without spaces or other delimiters.

Text Message body:


Sender ID must be specified in compliance with the standard rules. All the message information outside the square brackets will be ignored.

Recipient of you email:

 Send your email to sms@atomic.center

NOTE! Please always use UTF-8 enconding and plain-text format


Any information provided through our service is maintained as private and strictly confidential.

We only use information you have submitted to provide you with information, services, and other opportunities. We do our best to protect your information against unauthorized access or release.

Text Message & Sender ID Options

Atomic SMS Sender allows using dynamic alphanumeric sender names (sender ID). This means that you can set any company name or number you want in the sender field rather than just a phone number without prior registration.

This alphanumeric originator, or sender ID, can contain characters from a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _ (underscore). Some characters for example such as  {| , ; % ' # % *! ^ = [ ] ( ) / ~ < >}" or other Unicode symbols may cause messages to fail, avoid using them.

Originator can be up to a maximum of 11 characters for alpha names and  to a maximum of 12 characters for numeric names.

The dynamic  Sender ID feature only applies to network operators who support this feature. Please follow warningnotifications sent by e-mail or posted in the Atomic SMS Sender user panel.

You can send up to 160 GSM or 70 Unicode characters in a single text message. If your message is longer, the message will be split into several separate text messages.

The maximum number of characters that can be used in each part of a multi-part message is 153 for GSM and 63 for Unicode per text. For example, in two text messages this is 2 x 153 = 306 and in three text messages this is 3 x 153 = 459 and so on.

You will be charged for each part of such message.

Most modern phones will re-assemble the separate parts of multipart SMS and display it as one long text message. But avoid using text messages longer than 6 SMS as some telephones do not support too long messages yet and your text message will not be delivered or will be delivered partly.